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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Panopticon/Wheels Within Wheels - It's Later Than You Think (2009)

 Panopticon seems to really like releasing splits with more unknown black metal artists, and this 2009 split with Wheels Within Wheels is one of the best of them all (miles beyond that godawful WBSS split). This is due more to the fact that the supporting band is actually good and less to varying quality in Panopticon's material, which tends to be consistently great no matter how abysmal the other artist on the split is. But unlike others, Wheels Within Wheels actually manage to make some pretty interesting and unique music.

1. ...Speaking... (Collapsed Version) - 10:40
2. The Ghosts of Haymarket Square - 7:28

Wheels Within Wheels
3. Beginning - 4:44
4. White Light Rains Down On... - 13:48


P.S. - According to Panopticon's and Wheels Within Wheels' websites there is a "sequel" of sorts to this split in the works for release later this year, along with a re-release of this one.

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